Table of Contents

1 User Account

1.1 Registering

1.2 Account activation

1.3 Signing In

1.4 Resetting Your Password

1.5 Language

1.6 Managing Accounts

1.6.1 User Account

1.6.2 Administrator Account

2 e-Bookings

2.1 Searching for Quotes

2.2 Making Bookings

2.3 Making Payments

2.3.1 Traditional Payments

2.3.2 Pay Within 24 Hours

2.4 Amending & Cancelling Bookings

2.4.1 Booking Amendments

2.4.2 Cancelling Bookings

2.5 Booking Templates

2.5.1 Creating Templates

2.5.2 Using Templates

2.6 Booking History Logs

2.7 Booking Status Indicator

3 B/L Instruction

4 Submitting VGMs

5 Cargo Tracking

6 Help Center

1 User Accounts
1.1 Registration
1.1.1 To create a new account, click “Register” on the webpage.

1.1.2 Enter your account information, including User ID and password. (User ID must be a valid email address). Click “Next” after checking the box to accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Sanction Policy and BlueX’s Terms of Service.

1.1.3 Enter your title, name and telephone number (including the country code) and select the Evergreen sales representative from the dropdown menu.

1.1.4 Fill in your company’s name, short name, tax ID/EIN NO. and address and choose state and country from the dropdown menu. To complete the registration, click “Submit” after checking the box “I’m not a robot.”

1.2 Account activation
1.2.1 To activate your account, click “Verify your email address” after receiving the verification email.

1.3 Signing In
1.3.1 To sign in, click “Sign in” after entering email and password.

1.4 Resetting your Password
1.4.1 To reset your password, simply click “Forgot Password?” on the sign in page.

1.4.2 Fill in your account email and click “Reset” to receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

1.4.3 Click on “Reset my password” in the email you receive, it will then direct you to the “Reset password” page.

1.4.4 Enter your new password and click on “Reset” to complete the process.

1.4.5 You will receive a confirmation notification once your password has been reset.

1.5 Language
To change display language, click on the language bar in the upper right and select the language you prefer from the dropdown menu.

1.6 Managing Accounts
1.6.1 User Accounts Click on your profile name in the upper right. From here, select “Profile.” To edit your personal information, click “Edit.” When you are finished editing, click “Save.” To change the password, click “Change Password.” After filling in the new password, click “OK.” To edit sales representative, click “Edit.” Select sales representative from the dropdown list. When you’re finished editing, click “OK.”

1.6.2 Administrator Account Click on your profile name in the upper right. From here, click “Profile.” To edit company info, click “Edit.” After you’re finished editing, click “OK.” Click on your profile name in the upper right. From here, click “Admin Control.” To add new accounts, click “Add User” Fill in the member’s name and email address. Select the role of the new member. After this, click “Add.” An invitation email with registration instructions will be sent to the new member. To edit a user’s profile, click on “Edit” button. To delete an account, click “Delete Account” and then “Delete.” When finished editing, click the “Save” button.

2 e-Bookings
2.1 Searching for Quotes
2.1.1 Click “Quotes” on the navigation bar.

2.1.2 After filling in the required fields and selecting the number and type of containers from the dropdown list, click “Search.”

2.1.3 To change your search criteria, edit the columns on the top of the “Quotes” page and click “Search.”

2.2 Making Bookings
2.2.1 Select a schedule from the quote results and click “Book.”

2.2.2 Fill in the following information. To save the booking as a template, check the box “Save this as a template” and fill in the template name before clicking “Save And Next” to review the booking.

2.2.3 To submit a booking request, click the “Reserve” button. To go back and edit the “Enter Booking Info” page, click “Back.”

2.3 Making Payments
There are two payment options, traditional payment and pay within 24 hours, currently available on GreenX.

2.3.1 If choose traditional payment, there is no need to pay the ocean freight and charges in advance. You can pay ocean freight and charges at the counter when picking up the O/BL as the usual way. To finish the payment process, check the booking terms and click “confirm.”

2.3.2 If pay within 24 hours, select your payment country, currency and bank from the dropdown list. To confirm a payment immediately, check “Booking Terms” and “Payment Confirmation” box, then enter the last 5 digits of the bank account that is issuing payment and upload the bank remittance receipt. You can click on “Change” button to update a different file. You can also click on the “Delete” button to delete uploaded files. To finish the payment process, click the “Confirm” button. If you would like to confirm a payment later, simply click confirm without check “Payment Confirmation.” A message will indicate the deadline of your payment. To confirm a payment, go to the “Bookings” page and click on “Pay” to start the confirmation of the payment process. To email payment instructions, click “ Email.” To print it, click “Print”

2.3.3 To make updates to payments, click “Pay Update” on the “Bookings” page.

2.4 Amending & Cancelling Bookings
2.4.1 To amend booking details, go to the “Bookings” page and click “Edit” (before the Booking No. is issued) or “Amend” (after the Booking No. is issued). To reduce container quantities, select the number of containers from the dropdown menu. (Note: Container type cannot be changed)

2.4.2 To cancel bookings, click “Cancel” and input the reason of cancelation, then click “confirm”.

2.5 Booking Templates
2.5.1 To create booking templates, click “Booking Templates” in the upper right. From here, click “Create Template.” Enter template name and information that you would like to save for this template. Click save after you’re finished. To Edit templates, click “Edit.” Click “Save” after you’re finished editing. To delete templates, click “Delete” To search for a template, enter keywords such as template or party name in the search bar.

2.5.2 Using Templates Click on “Use Template” on the “Create Booking” page. Select a booking template and click “OK”

2.6 Booking History Logs
Click on a booking on the “Bookings” page to go to booking review page. From here, click “History Logs” to review the logs.

2.7 Booking Status Indicator (on the “Bookings” page)

3 B/L Instructions
3.1 Click the “Create BI” button on the “Bookings” page.

3.2 Fill in the following information and click “Save And Review” to review BI. To save and leave the page, click “Save and Exit.” To discard BI, click “Cancel.”

3.3 On “B/L Instruction Submission Review” page, click on “Submit” button to submit BL instruction. Click “Edit” or “Back” to edit BI.

3.4 B/L Proofread
3.4.1 When B/I status is “Proofread Required,” click “Review” to proofread BL.

3.4.2 To edit, click “Edit.” To confirm B/L proofreading, click “Confirm.” To download B/L proofreading, click “Download.” To review the history logs of a booking, click “History Logs.”

3.5 B/I Status Indicator (on the “Documents” page)

3.6 iB/L submission
For iB/L service, click on “ShipmentLink” in the upper announcement banner.

4 Submitting VGM
4.1 To start VGM submission, click “Create” on the “Documents” page.

4.2 Fill in all the required fields and click “Submit.” To discard VGM, click “Cancel.” If submitting more than one container, click “+Add Container” to add a new container.

5 Cargo Tracking
5.1 Click “Tracking” on the navigation bar.

5.2 To track your shipment, select tracking type from the dropdown menu and enter B/L or Container No. Click “Search” after you’re finished.

6 Help Center
6.1 To access help center, click “Help” on the navigation bar.

6.2 From here, select the category of your question to view the articles or enter keywords in the search bar to search for articles.

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